How to slow down the ageing skin.

Increase the content of skin antioxidants, Reduce Inflammation, Improve skin oxygen saturation, Support endothelial function, Support mitochondrial processes in the skin and Boost microcirculation in the capillaries.

All the above processes can be efficiently aided by supplying the skin with Cocoa Epicatechin Polyphenois and Astaxanthin - Reported to be natures strongest antioxidant ( 6000 times more powerful than Vitamin C and 500 times more powerful than Vitamin E )

ESTECHOC is an exquisite and health promoting dark chocolate containing Astaxanthin in a form of patent pending Astacelles, and Cocoa Epicatechin Polyphenolos, which help regain skin health and slow down the ageing process.

* Supports natural oxidative stress reaction

*helps maintain healthy oxygen levels in the skin tissue

*supports detoxification processes in the skin

* supports skin nutrition

* helps the skin to regain its firmness, radiance and shine

*suitable for all skin types

* designed for regular skin care and protection

Scientific studies confierm a statistically significant improvement of biochemical and metabolic skin parameters after 3 weeks.

One chocolate bar a day ( only 38Kcal ) Gluten free, suitable for vegetarians.

Yvonne Simpson