Treating The Ageing Female Face

The female face changes as we grow older, partly due to absorption of the bone and gravity causing descent of the individual fat pads in the face which are all in different compartments.

The eye starts to look smaller and slightly sunken back, this is due to recession and absorption of the bone around the orbital rim ( the socket of bone the eye sits in ). You may also notice due to gravity that you get swelling under the eye which is caused by herniation of the infra-orbital fat compartment.

The jawline gets smaller because of loosing bone support and you get recession and shortening of the mandible ( jaw) causing flattening of the chin.

The base of the nose drops due to lack of support and you may notice a indentation diagonally across the cheek called the malar groove , again due to separation of the fat pads.

All the above can be corrected and treated using a variety of different non surgical methods.

At Cotswold Face Aesthetics Clinic we can offer Botulin toxin and Dermal Fillers to help correct these changes in the face.  It is always best to be treated when you notice the start of these changes as if left too late invasive surgery may be the only answer.

It is well documented that the face can age dramatically the year following a traumatic event such as divorce, bereavement or other life changes.

Yvonne Simpson