Beside the eye are natural concavities present from birth but for some people these become real hollows as we age as become 'the temple of doom'!

This area can be treated with dermal fillers such as Juvederm Voluma and it lifts the lateral canthus of the eye and the eyebrow tail. 

Tear troughs, those half moon shapes and hollows under the eye and dark shadows under eye area can happen from early 20's into old age.

The reason this happens is the bone reabsorbs, the fat pads deflate and herniate as the ligaments move backwards ( less elastic) and you get a demarcation line.  To add to this, skin under the eye is much thinner allowing the fine capillary's to be seen giving ablueish tinge ( dark circles ).

A very delicate area to treat but there are some very good Dermal Fillers which can be injected to soften the tear trough line, hydrate the skin and improve elasticity under the eye.

Due to the number of fine capillaries and fine skin - this area bruises easily.

Yvonne Simpson