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My Training


10/10/19 CCR Clinical+Cosmetic+Regenerative conference. Treating various facial areas presented by Professor Bob Khana, The use of stem cells and PRP in regenerative serums.

09/10/19 IBSA Shaping the future of Regenerative Aesthetics. The Kings Fund. London. Launching Aliaxin SV for jawline contouring and Profhilo for the body. By private invitation only.

24/09/19 AQUAGOLD -The Golden Cocktail bespoke super charged Facial. Welbeck Hospital, London. Using Stem Cells, Growth Factors, Vitamins, Hyaluronic Acid, Lightening Serums, Dilute Botox , all mixed to suit your skin for a glowing , dewy complexion.

23/09/19 TEOXANE ACADAMY CONFERENCE. Treating the mid face, lower face, jawline, and Lips. St Pauls .London

06/09/19 PIGMENTATION UN-COVERED SYMPOSIUM training at The Royal College of General Practitioners,London. Etiology,-causes, signs & symptoms, Using Topical serums, peels and homecare for Melasma, Sun damage, post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, Freckles, Periorbital pigmentation, Poikiloderm of Civatte.

20/08/19 ENERPEEL & FNS MICRO NEEDLING PEN training at Royal Society Medicine,London. Delivering treatment ingredients deep into the skin, remodelling without excessive exfoliation and surface trauma to target various skin conditions.

08/06/19 FACE CONFERENCE QE11 Centre London. Seminars and live demonstrations on Profiloplasty & Full Face Rejuvenation by world renowned experts Tapan Patel and Professor Bob Khanna. Forehead, temples and Nose Enhancement , Lips and Perioral area enhancement .

01/03/19 ACE Aesthetics Conference Exhibition, London . Seminar and live demonstration on Teoxane Dermal Fillers for Tear troughs and anatomy of the face by Dr Lee Walker, Dr Benji Dhillon and Dr Paul Cetto. Seminar on Profhilo, Aliaxin and Viscoderm Hydrobooster with live demonstration by Dr Beatriz Molina and Dr Gabriel Siquier Dameto

22/02/19 Royal Society of Medicine Aesthetics training day by International Aesthetic Experts and best practice. Anatomy, danger zones and preventing complications.

28/01/19 ARAUK Rosacea Training, Professor of Dermatology Anthony C Chu FRCP

14/01/19 and 21/01/19 ARARUK Acne Training , Professor of Dermatology Anthony C Chu. FRCP


04/10/18 CCR Aesthetic Specialities to raise Industry Standards.

03/10/18 HA-Derma & IBSA Training day on Hydra Boost (Skin Boosters) Non Surgical Rhinoplasty and Neck techniques at The Kings Fund .London

Dr Gabriel Siquier Damato, Dr Beatriz Molina, Professor Chiara Schiraldi

18/09/18 Teoxane Expert Day. Periorbital area, Perioral area, Mid/lower Face area.

Demonstrating :- Dr Wolfgang Redka-Swoboda, Dr Patrick Trevidic, Dr Tahera Bhojani-Lynch, Dr Lee Walker, Dr Paul Cetto

25/07/18  1 Day Allergan MD Codes training Swindon

17/07/18  1 Day Galderma Masterclass course of Lips through the ages.

9-12/5/18  2 Day Masterclass Course in Amsterdam by IBSA (Profhilo & Aliaxin ) Dr B Molina,Dr E Kramer,Dr A Tateo, Dr G Siguier demonstrating and presenting new techniques for treating the whole face with layering techniques.

27/04/18  ACE ( Aesthetics Conference Exhibition ) 2 days. London.

21/04/18  1 Day Conference at Royal College of Physicians by Merz. Profiloplasty and Nose re-shaping by Mr Simon Ravichandran, Chin and Jawline by Mr Dalvi Humzah and Lip treatment using the new Belotero Lip Fillers - Shape and Contour.

    07/04/18  1 day Conference Wigmore Medical. Royal Society of Medicine. Merz latest products and injection technics and HA     Derma introducing the Profhilo BAP neck technique.

27-28 /02/18  Allergan MD Codes Masterclass (Distinction Level) Increasing technical development of injection with scientific artistry.


14/10/17 Merz Conference on Dermal Fillers -Belotero and Radiesse Injectables. Royal College of Physicians. London

06/10/17 Clinical+Cosmetic+Reconstructive Conference London

20/09/17 Allergan Volite Training Swindon ( A special thank you to Christine - my model for the day )

16/06/17FACE Conference QE11 Centre London. Facial Threads and Injectables for The Mature Female Face.

22/05/17Allergan MD Codes live injection FU workshop. Bristol ( A special thank you to Emma - my model for the day )

28/04/17 Galderma Aesthetics Academy 14th Annual Conference Royal College of General Practitioners .London.

Restoring Natural Beauty ( Treating the TearTroughs ) by Sabrina Shah-Desai ( Reconstructive Oculoplastic Surgeon )

31/03/17 Aesthetics Conference

Treating The Ageing Female Face Masterclass with Mr Dalvi Humzah , Dr Tapan Patel, Dr Nestor Demosthenous & Anna Baker

22/02/17 2 Day MD Codes Visionary Masterclass. London


06/09/16 | CCR Conference and Exhibition. Olympia
28/09/16 | Allergan 19 point lift training day Bristol
23/09/16 | Allergan History of Botox and Filler complications.
13/05/16 | Profhilo training Wigmore Medical
07/05/16 | Launch of association of PDO Threads seminar and demonstration
15 & 16/04/16  | ACE Conference
21/03/16 | BACN Revalidation update event.
07/03/16 | CPR & Anaphylaxis update Wigmore Medical


26/10/15 | Cryotherapy training
21/10/15 | 2 day training on 3D-Skinmed – HIFU and RF Dermaroller
09/10/15 | CCR conference and training
11/02/15 | PDO Fine Thread Contour workshop. Neocosmedix
07/03/15 | ACE 2 day conference masterclass training.


28/11/14  CPR And Anaphylaxis update. Wigmore Medical.
11/09/14 8 Point Lift Training. Tapan Patel. Harley St. Allergan
21/07/14 FACE Conference and Exhibition
18/03/14 |PRP Advanced training. Medira Ltd. Harley Street
21/03/2014 Galderma Aesthetics Acadamy . Royal College Physicians
13/01/14 PRP Therapy Training Cosmetic Courses.


09/03/12 International Academy of advanced Facial Aesthetics
29/03/12 Anti-Ageing World Congress. Monte Carlo
15/06/12 FACE conference and Exhibition Royal College Physicians.


24/06/11 | FACE Conference Royal College Physicians
23/5/11 | Radiesse Advanced Training Mertz
24/03/11 | Anti-ageining world Congress Training.Monte Carlo
21/2/11 | Belotero training Merz


12/11/10 | Radiesse Training. Merz
06/10/10 Galderma Dermatology Day( Acne/Rosacea) Welcome Trust
23/09/10 | CPR resuscitation course. Wigmore Medical London
11/09/10 | BACN 1st annual conference. Royal College physicians.
10/09/10 | Q Med annual conference. Royal College Physicians London
03/07/10 | Obagi. Private audience with Dr Zein Obagi on skin Care. London
15/06/10 | 3 day Masterclass Facial Anatomy and Botox training .Nice France cadaver dissection of face.
01/04./10 | Cosmetic News. Conference, workshops & exhibition. London


10/09/09 | RCN Aesthetic Nurses Forum annual meeting
09/05/09 | Restylane Annual Conference .Birmingham
30/04/09 British Association of Sclerotherapists Annual Conference
07/05/09 |Genuine Dermaroller Training Aestheticare
21/03/09 | 2 day conference with Swiss Skin Care Clinic on skin conditions and treatment.
19/01/09 | Training in Restylane Vital Light Injector


03/12/08 | Restylane Sub Q training . Harley Aesthetics
06/10/08 | CPR & Anaphylactic Shock training update. Q Med London
02/09/08 | Q Med Annual Conference, Royal College of Physicians
17/07/08 | Advanced training in Restylane
01/05/08 | Tear Trough training in Restylane


12/09/07 | Sclerotherapy Training.  Queen Ann Medical Centre.London
01/10/07 | Microdermabrasion training Derma Genesis
15/09/07 | Eden Aesthetics Facial Peels training
14/09/07 | Restylane conference. Royal College of Physicians
17/08/07 | Advanced Botox and Hyperhydrosis ( Intraderm Ltd) Harley St.London
06/07  | Teosyl Meso demonstration by Sandra Sheilds
05/07 | Veinwave training. Removal of red thread veins


25/10/06 | Head office management training day.
13/09/06 | Face conference
12/09/06 | RCN  Aesthetic Nursing conference
02/08/06 | Restylane conference Royal College Surgeons, London
22/6/06 | Advanced CPR, Anaphylaxis treatment and Oxygen Therapy. Director of First Aid, Oxford University.