Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Cotswold Face Aesthetics Clinic Ltd (the Clinic) is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

The Clinic is the data controller responsible for your personal data.

The Clinic only collects your personal data as necessary for the purpose of administering appropriate, safe and effective aesthetic and/or medical treatments.

The information requested includes Identity data such as your name, date of birth and gender, Contact data including address and phone number, and relevant Health information. This is collected from you in person in your pre-treatment consultation. Once you have decided to go ahead with treatment,  we may need to pass some of your personal data to a third party manufacturer to obtain the product required.

In the case of card payments, the Clinic does not collect or process your Transaction data. If you request a receipt from the third-party commerce platform, they will retain your email address or mobile phone number. Details are available at 2258543-how-izettle-processes-contact-details-of-cardholders

Your personal data is never shared with a third party for marketing or related purposes.

The Clinic will only collect your personal data when you have given clear consent.

Your personal data will be kept in hard copy form only, in a locked filing cabinet in a secure location not accessible to third parties

You have the right to access your personal data and to request rectification if anything is inaccurate or incomplete. You also have the right to obtain and re-use your personal data for your own purposes. The request may be made either by e-mail to or in writing to Yvonne Simpson, Cotswold Face Aesthetics Clinic, Limes, 1 Gosditch Street, Cirencester GL7 2AG.

Yvonne Simpson is the registered Data Protection Officer for Cotswold Facel Aesthetics Ltd and our Data Protection Registration is ref: ZA419458