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People say the nicest things...

Enerpeel Mandelic Acid for Rosacea. L. London August 2019

I have suffered with Rosacea for a long time and for some reason had a flare up with outbreaks of spots on my face which were increasing. I read that Yvonne at Cotswold Face Aesthetics Clinic is an accredited clinic for (ARAUK ) Acne and Rosacea Association. I called her and she told me about the new range of Facial peels for Rosacea. Literally a few hours after the MA peel my skin redness had diminished and the spots were 50% better. I cant wait for my next peel in 2 weeks.

Led Light Therapy. Carole Thorley Australia August 2019.

I’d like to recommend Yvonne at Cotswold Face, for her help with the healing of a skin graft I had a few months ago on my nose at home in Australia. Yvonne very kindly researched to see if her Deesse LED Light Therapy machine was compatible with the hospital grade machine I had been used to, and had been recommended by my plastic surgeon in Sydney. It was above and beyond for her to go to so much trouble for someone on a brief visit and i’m very grateful. I would recommend Yvonne for her kindness and professionalism.

Tear Trough L. Minchenhampton June 2019

Having my tear Troughs done has made a huge difference to my everyday life. I feel so much more confident in how I look. I don’t look so tired or ‘baggy’ anymore. I’m so very glad I contacted Yvonne.

Hyperhidrosis Medical treatment for excessive underarm perspirartion.

Hi Yvonne, all good thank you, the very next day and from then on, I've been able to wear white t-shirts, there has been no sweat at all. Very pleased and thank you. Have told friends so hopefully they will be in touch with you. 

H.M. Cirencester  May 2018

Hi Yvonne, just a quick message to thank you for my lips, they are fabulous!

Anne. Swindon February 2018

I've been seeing Yvonne for a few years now for Botox and have always been very pleased with the results, Yvonne is always very professional and approachable. On my last visit I discussed having filler in the lines above my upper lip, Yvonne advised me on the best product for me and I am thrilled with the result.

A.C. CirencesterOctober 2017

I've had numerous treatments with Yvonne over the past five years, including Botox, HIFU, Dermal Filler and Fire & Ice Facial. I love visiting Yvonne because she is warm, kind and always puts me at ease. I feel completely comfortable talking to her, which is so important when considering a new treatment.

Yvonne's expertise, experience and knowledge of the industry means I trust her judgement and have huge confidence in her aesthetics skills. I wouldn't consider being treated by anyone else and I'm so pleased she has chosen to situate her lovely treatment rooms in the heart of Cirencester.

Emma , Cirencester. April 2017

I visited Yvonne a couple of weeks ago for the Fire & Ice Treatment. Yvonne had advised me about the treatment and with her advice I felt the treatment would suit my skins needs. Yvonne applied the first part of the treatment after cleansing to my face ( Fire) . I felt a gentle tingling over my face as I lay there for four minutes the product remains on your face. The heat intensified as the product was cleansed off, it felt rather hot ! It was quickly cooled by the next part (Ice). Once the whole treatment was complete after application of various high grade medical and botanical serums and creams I took a look in the mirror. I looked brighter and clearer straight away. Two weeks on my skin looks smooth and soft, and feels amazing. It is a procedure I will definitely be having again. S.M Cirencester


I’ve just had HIFU at Yvonne’s clinic and I have been so impressed by the effect its had, which was almost immediately! Yvonne treated my neck, jawline, cheeks and under eyes, I can say it was almost painless with no downtime. I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough, I am thrilled to bits.Yvonne advised me that the real effect of this treatment may take some time , but I am delighted already.  - B.E. Oxford

I’m soooo happy with my Botox . Thank you so much!! I don’t even need a review appointment. I will definitely be back after Christmas for some more treatments. Thank God I found you! - Sandy S. Rodborough

I am a GP with my own cosmetic clinic. Yvonne trained me in aesthetics a year ago. I had never had any work done myself as I did not trust the cleanliness, professionalism or products of most clinics. Until I met Yvonne. Working alongside Yvonne allowed me to fully assess her techniques. She allows the client time to express their needs, explains continually what she is doing and involves the client in any decisions along the way. She is easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable. Before and after photos are taken. Any risks or side effects are clearly explained. After care advice is given. Yvonne is so good that I travel over an hour to see her. I would not dream of going anywhere else for my cosmetic treatments. - Dr Camilla Hill

One of the best days of my life was in April of this year, when I first met Yvonne. I wanted to have Botox for my frown lines and fillers to plump up my top lip-quite badly damaged by thirty years of smoking. As soon as I stepped into Yvonne’s treatment room, I trusted her. She was obviously supremely confident in what she does for good reason-her experience and qualifications are phenomenal.

It has always been a rule of thumb for me to look at the practitioner’s face to ascertain any procedures they have had done-what struck me at first was how natural, radiant and healthy Yvonne looked. I think it is amazing that Yvonne has had all the treatments that she offers at her clinic, which I am sure is not always the case.

Yvonne put me at ease straight away and listened intently as to what procedures I wanted-there was no attempt at a ‘hard sell’ or to talk me into procedures I didn’t need or want. My second appointment was on Saturday, when I had the same procedures, and yet again was struck by Yvonne’s professionalism. She makes me feel like the most important person in the world without being patronising. I cannot speak highly enough of Yvonne and recommend her frequently to friends and colleagues. I will never visit another practitioner-I have found the best!

Try Yvonne, I assure you that you won’t be disappointed! - Liz

I am always delighted with the results of my treatments by Yvonne. The treatments are subtle, I am not only look rejuvenated, but I also feel more confident. Yvonne is a warm and friendly lady who understands what I want, she has been treating me for many years. She looks at my face & skin with a very experienced eye and her evaluation is always spot on, never too little or too much. The treatments take years off my face and neck, the results never seize to delight me! - Angelica

I received a dermastamp treatment to a small scar on my forehead, I had the treatment a few days ago so no results yet as it to early to tell but the clinic is run professionally and Yvonne gave me all the information and advice I needed before I decided to go ahead with the treatment. Also very friendly! - Elizabeth

I have experienced two treatments with Yvonne so far and am about to book a third. Yvonne is truly amazing. From the very first consultation appointment to the actual treatment, Yvonne makes you feel totally relaxed and in good hands. The result of the treatments are fantastic and I am really pleased.

The treatment room has an aura of calm and freshness which complete the experience. Whats more the treatments were painless thanks to Yvonne’s expert hands hooray.

I am absolutely thrilled and would never consider going elsewhere- Emma

I wasn’t actually looking for a new Aesthetic Practitioner – I had seen the same one for nearly 15 years, however was starting to get a little frustrated with my Botox not working so well ( I was told it was my age causing this).I came across Yvonne’s details on my beauty salon’s website one day whilst looking and I decided to enquire into Botox with her.

First off, Yvonne is super easy to get hold of – if you’re like me and prefer to do things by email, Yvonne is your girl (she obviously has a telephone too , but for me its email all the way!). She’s super efficient, replies in no time at all, and even at weekends which is pretty impressive! I booked in to have Botox with Yvonne at my local salon and am SO pleased I did – in fact wish I’d found her years ago!

She’s very professional looking and super easy to talk to – speaking about your imperfections can sometimes feel awkward and embarrassing but Yvonne is just great and puts you at ease immediately. She’s extremely thorough – some form filling and photograph taking – and of course you need to tell Yvonne what you want and what sort of effect you are hoping to achieve. After your treatment she runs through the “do’s and don’ts” and hey presto you’re done!

Yvonne’s Botox, without a shadow of a doubt is the best I have had EVER! She achieved exactly the result I asked for and I couldn’t be happier. She’s clearly extremely knowledgeable in her field- I’ve enquired about another treatment and I have no doubt whatsoever that she’s the lady for the job.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Yvonne to anyone looking for first class Aesthetic Treatments. - S.P. Cirencester

Yvonne is, without doubt, the best person I have come across in the world of Aesthetics. She is thorough and sensitive to the patient’s concerns. It is very reassuring to know that she is up to date with the latest products and treatments and shows such enthusiasm for her work.( see blog page)

I have been a patient of Botox now for over 8 years. With a brief occasion I was unable to get a booking and went to someone else and the difference was astonishing. I guess this lesson showed me just what a gem she is! - Yvonne Baum Oxford