The First Topical Absorbable Filler as a CREAM - JUVILIS

Juvilis has produced 5 absolutely new types of cream :- which gives a deeper than ever skin penetration for a never before reached efficiency.

A Day Lotion and Beauty Serum containing Tricalcium Phosphate

Eye Complex with hyaluronic Acid

Night Cream containing Hydroxyapatite

Facial Masks with Tretanoin.

Follicles have a lower barrier function compared to the surface of the skin, as well as a greater capacity for absorption of the dermal fillers and active cosmetic ingredients to deeper skin layers. Which means that for the first time in  a cream JUVILIS uses fillers that to date have only been used in aesthetic medicine and each cream contains the filler material used in injections. The combination of follicular absorption and dermal filler materials in JUVILIS products provides unmatched results.

Total wrinkle surface -40% decrease in 29 days.

Remarkable visible results in 3 weeks

Skin improved +44%

Anti-wrinkle -22%

Anti dark Circles -24%

Anti puffiness -25%


Available from the clinic.


Yvonne Simpson